They’re missing.
You’re weeping.
The sun’s in its vault.
There’s a darkness, descending.
But it wasn’t my fault.
I was elsewhere,
Whistling the breeze.
I cannot be fingered;
My conscience at ease.
I’m sorry
You’re sorry:
I wish I could help.
I’d have come if you’d uttered
So much as a yelp.
But it’s over.
It’s done now.
No point harping on.
Can’t you simply get over
The fact that they’ve gone??
You’d have noticed
Them leaving, if you were
Worth your salt!
It needn’t have happened!
Yes, I’m a little bit obsessed!  But this is, again, a 100 word challenge (but this week, for grownups *and* children!).  I am off work for half term, next week, and there will be the usual crafty type posts, then!

What She Wanted

Via The Blog Up North I have discovered the 100 Word Challenge, run by Julia’s Place.  It appeals.  Here’s my attempt – the prompt is in bold.

You bought her what she wanted,
You read it in her eyes.
You gave her hope when she was fearful;
Strength when she was flagging;
The courage to examine
What her outward face belies.
I gave her what she needed:
I thought it was enough.
I thought she’d be contented
With passing, light-held comfort.
You wrapped her in a blanket,
Warmed her with your love.
She came home when you released her
Head high, and hope undaunted;
With a new belief; with courage;
And a light behind her eyes.
She’s haunted by your absence.
You gave her what she wanted.