About Me


I’ve been making things for about 30-odd years.  I started with dressmaking, moved through toys (particularly rag dolls) and began quilting about 15 years ago.  Every member of my family has a quilt – some of which are displayed here.

I also knit, crochet, paint, and embroider.  But my first love is my sewing machine.

This site will display my handiwork, as I go along.

I live in Oxfordshire, in a smallish village, with two of my three children (the eldest is grown and gone, bless her!), three dogs, a cat, and a dozen or so chickens and ducks.  I work full time, at a fairly demanding job, and my crafting is a relaxation technique and has to fit in around work and family commitments.  This can mean that I take fairly long breaks from crafty activity… latterly, running has become my decompression activity of choice, and you can follow *that* adventure on my Between Water Stations blog…