Lazy Seamstress Maude skirt

This is a bit sneaky, really, because you can’t actually buy it! But I have had *so* much fun, this weekend, testing a pattern for my wonderful friend Jeanette.  She’s been drafting patterns for a while, and sells them on her Etsy store.  I am in awe of Jeanette.  She’s been a real and a virtual friend for many, many years and she’s a creative whirl storm of a woman.  I wish I had half her imagination and vision.  Never mind her skill with fabric selection! She’s on my go-to list of people whose style and grace I hope one day to emulate!

Anyway, she recently asked on Facebook if anyone would be willing to test her new Maude skirt pattern in its final drafting stages.  So of course I said yes.  And it arrived on Friday.

This weekend, I’m supposed to be sewing a ball dress.  The ball is on 9th May, so time is running out…  I chose the fabric and the pattern and ordered online.  I’ve changed shape quite a lot, recently, and dropped from the borders of a 12/14 to the borders of an 8/10 in ready-to-wear sizes.  So I foolishly assumed that if I got a pattern in size 8-12 I’d be absolutely fine.  Rookie error!  Turns out in Butterick-land, I measure squarely to a size 14 (apart from the boobs… *dejected sigh*).

So I couldn’t make the ball dress, but instead I had some dedicated sewing time put aside to make Maude.  And she was ace! Flew together with nary a pause for head scratching; fitted a little snugly (but that’s because I didn’t resize for a waist which was, admittedly, not to standard measurements) and looked *amazing* on!   I made one minor adaptation to a straight grain, to allow the stripes on my pockets to line up properly, and a tiny bodge for waistbanding when I discovered I didn’t have any petersham.  Here she is in a slightly scruffy bedroom mirror selfie as I was getting ready for work, this morning.

I want to make this again.  This version used an old, striped denim I bought from some German website about half a century ago.  I have other varieties of German denim, but it would look good in wool, and also I figure it would work well in a lightweight cotton – perhaps with a reversible thing going on.  Anyway.  I commend her to you – you should go to Etsy periodically and see if Jeanette has finished her drafting, and buy the pattern!

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