Break in the clouds

We’ve had sunshine today! And the children opted to go for a walk!  
I happened to be in the Cotswolds yesterday, razzing around in a friend’s fancy car, and spotted a place called Salford, which amused me no end, because it’s a far cry from the Salford I know of old… just compare those two skylines!!
Anyway, when I got home and looked up my new local Salford, I discovered there are Neolithic standing stones nearby.  So when the children opted to go for a walk, it seemed like the obvious choice.
So, no sewing to share today.  But I wanted to show you these, instead: 

These delightful families took a keen interest in us as we walked past.  In the other Salford, you want to avoid the interest of delightful families, on the whole.  Even here, I was very pleased for the two strands of barbed wire that separated us.  But aren’t they beautiful?

The other Salford has dangerous dogs, too.  My dogs are just dangerously stoopid…

This is the Kings’ Men circle, part of the Rollright Stones.  The legend is that this is a circle of courtiers, petrified by a witch.  They say that if you count the stones in the circle, you never get the same number twice.  We counted 70, 74, 75 and 76.

The blackberries are still so sour they’ll send your ears shooting round to the back of your head, but apparently some of us like them like that!

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