The Flip Side

Move over, rain…

You are my sun. Today, you are a watery, wintery luminescence. Weak and uncertain, you break briefly through the cloud and fog to bathe the ice encrusted puddles in your yellowy gladness before the dark overwhelms you, and frost reclaims the fields.

But soon, soon my darling you will blaze with Mediterranean glory, scintillating the rippling rhythms of the sea, which lap at your worship. The entire world will circle you, bedazzled. You will inspire acts of wild awe and absolute devotion.

So cast off the winter, belovely. The flip side of darkness is light. Your light.


Another 100 Word challenge. The prompt this week was “the flip side”, and not being a pancake fan, I wanted to steer clear of that allusion!! But so much is changing around my little world at the moment: not only the season, but friends, work, at home…. So I got to thinking about how things are changing, and the flip side of now is next…

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