Granny Quilt

So.  Today I am dusting off the sewing machine, and returning to the granny quilt.  It’s now all marked up and ready for quilting, if I can only find where I’ve hidden the thread!!

 I was talking to my Dad about this quilt, the other day, and a few days later I came home to find an envelope, stuffed full of photos of my Granny, dating from the late 1940s, early 1950s.  Turns out she was quite the glamourpuss!  (if you click on the pictures, you can enlarge them)

I am going to try to work some phrases into the quilting.  I’ve compiled quite a list – the addresses around Kent and East Sussex where she lived.  Names of her friends.  Some of the things I used to enjoy doing when I visited.  The dinners she used to cook for me (when I was very little, I told her roast chicken with chippolata sausages and apple crumble was my favourite.  She made it for me every visit for the rest of forever.  It’s still my favourite.)

Putting together memories which are meaningful, and will make me smile when I spot them, has been quite a long job.  I’m sure I will be prompted for quite a long time to remember more things, things I wish I’d included, things I’d forgotten about and come flooding back suddenly.  But I’ve decided it doesn’t matter if the list is incomplete.  What matters is that there are *some* lovely things about Granny in the quilt.  And if those lovely things trigger other lovely things, then so much the better.

So, eyes down!  I will post photos later…

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