They’re missing.
You’re weeping.
The sun’s in its vault.
There’s a darkness, descending.
But it wasn’t my fault.
I was elsewhere,
Whistling the breeze.
I cannot be fingered;
My conscience at ease.
I’m sorry
You’re sorry:
I wish I could help.
I’d have come if you’d uttered
So much as a yelp.
But it’s over.
It’s done now.
No point harping on.
Can’t you simply get over
The fact that they’ve gone??
You’d have noticed
Them leaving, if you were
Worth your salt!
It needn’t have happened!
Yes, I’m a little bit obsessed!  But this is, again, a 100 word challenge (but this week, for grownups *and* children!).  I am off work for half term, next week, and there will be the usual crafty type posts, then!
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7 thoughts on “Turnaround

  1. Wish I knew who or what had left and it's always so easy to blame someone else, isn't it? But it's hard to get over something when you know you could have changed matters. Nice 'pome'.


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