Ash Wednesday

I’ve had another go at the 100 word challenge for grownups… the prompt is, again, in bold. 

By Wednesday, the house lay still.  Footsteps tracked across the grimy floor, and runnels of water left greasy trails down the smoke-stained walls. 
The far corner of the dining room was, incongruously, almost untouched.  The walls retained an echo of their original colour.  A charred, wet box exposed its contents.
She picked her way over, and pulled clear a photo album.  A single image fluttered free and settled in the ash on the floor.  She crouched to see: a small boy, blonde curls glowing in the sunshine; eyes screwed up against the light.  Posed against a hedge, in his school uniform.    

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12 thoughts on “Ash Wednesday

  1. What a great atmosphere you've created in so few words. I really want to know so much more about this: Who is she? Whose house is it? What started the fire? Who is the boy in the photo?

    I hope you write the next part of this for a future challenge 🙂


  2. I love this piece! It goes on and on after you finish reading it. I love the ambiguities of it, and the image at the end is very poignant. A friend's house burnt down some years ago, and the loss of all their photographs was incredibly hard to bear.


  3. Thank you all, very much. The photo I'm describing is one of my own son, on his first day at school. The situation, though, is entirely fictional! I did read something about the loss of photographs being almost the hardest thing about a house fire, though – all other possessions (or almost all, I guess) are replaceable, but photos are so ephemeral somehow!


  4. Gosh this has so many levels to it. I love the description of the room & it's awfulness. Then the introduction of the character then the history then the life of the past. Brilliant! So glad to see you on the 100WCGU!


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