Little Hooky Hearts

I’m ignoring January. It’s really the only sensible approach, what with financial crises and gloom and doom and now you can’t even say worse things happen at sea…. So in the spirit of ignoring January, I’ve been becoming quietly obsessed with hearts. Not sure why: as an official singleton, valentine’s day is likely to be something of a non-event, but it’s sweet, isn’t it? And somehow, making hearts does feel as though I’m filling my home with love. It’s ok, I’ll hang on here, while you go away and vomit…!

The first heart was somewhat unintentional. My lovely new kitchen cabinet has generated a considerable reshuffle of furniture around the house. No matter where I move things to, there is a big hole, somewhere. In an attempt to reduce the size of the hole, I bought a beaded, fairy-lit wire heart from Next of all places. But it’s white, and looked a little stark sitting on its own on a white wall.  So I slung up some ‘vintage’ grey paint (as in, it’s a vintage colour, rather than it’s been lying around for a while) in a rough and ready, brushtroked kind of way, and hung the heart over that.  It looks quite good – although it really *doesn’t* fill the hole.  My lovely friend suggested that the paint makes it an ‘installation’ which made me feel a bit better about buying ready made, populist tat (from Next!  Of all places!)

 Then I got my hooks out.  My new issue of Mollie Makes arrived the other day, and they are feeling the hooky, hearty love in a big way.  Well, there’s a little window in my lovely new cabinet, which was just calling for something, and so I sat down in front of the television with some scraps of yarn and hooked up these little hearts. 

The Mollie Makes issue does have a pattern for hearts, but I didn’t like the straight-row nature of theirs.  I like my crochet hearts a little bit swirly, so I used the heart pattern from 201 Crochet Blocks by Melody Griffiths.  I made 6, though really there’s only space for 5, because I like the combination of pastelly ice cream colours.  Also because, if I’m honest, I’m rather desperate to finish this yarn, which has been hanging around for quite a long time.  There’s not enough of any colour left to do anything substantial with, and because it’s acrylic and I prefer to work with wool, I don’t want to buy any more!

Anyway, I then stitched the hearts with a single, golden cross stitch (or a kiss…) to the printed cotton ribbon which came free with the magazine.

So.  Twee.  Irredeemably twee.  Next stop, menopause, I suspect!  But they’re rather pretty, too.

My next project won’t be twee.  I’ll crochet up a full set of genitals, or a lion ripping the guts out of a springbok (deer, not rugby player…), or a full set of  matching dishcloths.  In the meantime, do feel free to carry on being a bit sick until this phase passes!

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