Square One

Well I only nearly forgot, didn’t I?  I was just getting ready to put my feet up and succumb to the fluey thing that’s been threatening to engulf me all day, when my phone pinged.  An email.  From the stats monitor which looks after this place.  Telling me about my page views for the New Year Resolution(ish) post… Bum.

So, no sofa until I’d done a square.  Right?


So here it is.  Square one.  Made from the remains of a ball of acrylic.  It’s a crochet square, to get us started.  A popcorn square, no less.  Popcorn is a technique which makes bobbles out of triple crochet stitches, by gathering a row of them together through the top.  The corners are popcorned, the sides are plain ol’ triple crochet worked through the back of the stitch below (I think this is called “round the post” but I spend so much of my crochet time working out for myself how to do things that I kind of lose track of the formal way of doing things and what they should be called).

 I’ve also been working on the quilt.  I’ve put together 268 isosceles triangles, to make 134 rectangles.  I need another 88 rectangles in order to have 6  columns for the final thing.  I laid out 30-odd rectangles together, to see how the thing would look if it was *all* rectangles and, as I feared, it was rather too busy.  In order to appreciate the fabrics, the eye will need something calm to rest on, and none of my ‘plains’ are reading quite plain enough to give that unity to the final thing.  So there will be columns of rectangles, and columns of a single fabric, making a 12-stripe quilt, roughly 6’5″ x 5’2″.

I have some Lotte Jansdotter fabric which I was going to use to back it with, which may make the unifying stripes if there’s enough of it.  Otherwise, I shall have to go fabric shopping.  Oh, woe is me!

I’d also like to do an irregular sawtooth border, but that’s because I have a triangle obsession going on at the moment.  I may be sick of them by the time I get to the border.  Let’s see how that goes!

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2 thoughts on “Square One

  1. That's beautiful, Phyllis!! A really effective design (I love your design diagram!). This is my first foray into triangles for about 10 years. I am a bit worried that lack of skill/practice means I'll end up with no nice sharp points, but we'll see…


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